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22 October 2018
Web3 Summit Hackerspace

Hackerspace at Web3 Summit in Funkhaus, Berlin from Oct 22-24.

Added 12 October 2018

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22 October 2018
Sibos Conference Exhibit

Ripple (XRP) exhibit at SWIFT’s Sibos conference from Oct 22-25.

Added 20 October 2018

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22 October 2018
Web3 Summit

Web3 Summit is organized around a single rallying call: to facilitate a fully functional and user-friendly decentralized web.

Added 23 September 2018

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22 October 2018
East-West CryptoBridge

East-West Crypto Bridge Conference takes place on October 22-23 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Added 4 September 2018

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22 October 2018
IBM Blockchain World Wire

IBM Blockchain World Wire launches on the Stellar Network to clear and settle cross-border payments in seconds.

Added 27 September 2018

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22 October 2018
Bitladon Listing

Electra will be listed on a reputable exchange with Fiat pairing. This will enable users to buy ECA directly through Euro.

Added 19 October 2018


22 October 2018
Partnership Announcement

First KYC partner for the hydro dapp store announced on Monday!

Added 21 October 2018

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22 October 2018 (or earlier)
Direct Messaging Release

"Allow pool administrators to send direct messages to pool members for a better, more private communication experience," between Oct 15-22.

Added 30 September 2018

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22 October 2018 (or earlier)
Android & iOS Features

Item sorting by category, distance, date, and price available now available on Android, and available on iOS in 1–3 days.

Added 19 October 2018


22 October 2018
East-West Crypto Bridge

Holger Köther, Director of Partnerships at IOTA will be a speaker at East-West Crypto Bridge Conference in Frankfurt on 22-23 October, 2018.

Added 22 October 2018

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22 October 2018
Algorithm Change

The change will be applied from block number 151,880, and it will be applied on (GMT + 9) October 22, 2018.

Added 20 October 2018

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22 October 2018
East-West Crypto

QLC co-founder Susan will be at #EWCC on Tuesday and attend a panel discussing the future of crypto.

Added 22 October 2018

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