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22 October 2018
East-West Crypto Bridge

Holger Köther, Director of Partnerships at IOTA will be a speaker at East-West Crypto Bridge Conference in Frankfurt on 22-23 October, 2018.

Added 22 October 2018

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29 October 2018
IoT Blockchain Summit

Improve IoT edge, security, and privacy through decentralized networks.

Added 16 September 2018

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30 October 2018
Barcelona Meetup

The first official Iota Ecosystem Barcelona Meetup. Learn how the Tangle can offer fast, secure and free transactions without miners.

Added 10 October 2018

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12 November 2018
German Economic Summit

"... The 2018 Economic Summit will focus on the major issues moving today’s economy, politics and society."

Added 5 September 2018

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14 January 2019
Second Blockchain Week

Second annual CHAINERS Blockchain Week from Jan 14-18.

Added 11 October 2018

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