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Your data is encrypted and we don't have the control of your Cryptos.

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In Coinmanager you have all the tools, that you love: CoinMarketCap, CoinMarketCal, News, Tradingview and your data import.

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This is our journey until the end of the BETA version.

Coinmarketcap/Trading View integration

Analyze and check all your Cryptocurrency in one platform. With this integration you will have all the information of the Coinmarketcap and the possibility to analyze every asset by the Trading View chart.

Update The staff decided to extend this point not only to the Coinmarketcap, but also to all the other most famous marketcap platforms. In this way the user will have the opportunity to compare information from the best platforms.

2018-09-10 Done!

Coinmarketcal Integration

Don’t lose anymore a new event on your favorite Crypto. Arrange it for news and period.

2018-10-23 Done!

Crypto NEWS

How many platforms do you know that publish Cryptocurrency news? We will take care of aggregate it, order it and validate it.

2018-11-12 Done!

Trading account information

Not only the management of your portfolio, but also the real profit generated by every trade you have done.

Update The staff decided to extend this point to let you make Trading operation directly from Coinmanager.

4th Quarter 2018 Working On

CSV information import

In addition to the tipical API Key and manual import, you will be able to import your information by CSV files.

4th Quarter 2018 Pending

End BETA version

We are ready with the Go Live and part of our features will be available paying a monthly fee. The actual Road Map will be substituted with a new one with the next steps that will be add in the final version of the Coinmanager.

4th Quarter 2018 Pending